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Modern reproduction of a Roman gladiatorial parade helmet
mid 19th-mid 20th century AD
Country: Italy
Corinthian type helmet
circa 500-490 BC
Country: Greece
Fragment of shield boss or umbo
5th-6th century AD
Country: UK
about 1200-750 BC
Country: Italy
about 525-425 BC
c. 900-600 BC
Country: France
Chalcidian type helmet
about 520-480 BCE
Country: Greece
Mirror with two military figures in combat
late 4th century BC
Country: Italy
Illyiran type helmet
6th - early 5th century BC
Country: Greece
Gladiatorial helmet with cheek-pieces
c. 300-500 AD
Country: Italy
Mid 4th century - early 3rd century BC
Country: Italy
Negau type helmet
c. 500-400 BC
Country: Italy
Six plates of scale mail armour
3rd century AD
Country: Syria
Shirt of scale-armour
Probably early 20th century in its present state but may incorporate ancient elements
Country: Italy
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