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6th century AD
Attic white-ground lekythos with women bringing offerings to a grave
about 460 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Manner of the Sabouroff Painter
Country: Greece
Flask with St. Menas, flanked by camels
Late 6th - 7th century CE
Country: Egypt
Cylinder beaker
c. 2686-2181 BC
Country: Egypt
c. 3100-2686 BC
Country: Egypt
Miniature votive jar
c. 1550-1295 BC
Country: Egypt
Canopic jar lid, Duamutef
c. 664-332 BC
Country: Egypt
Attic black-figure Panathenaic amphora showing Athena and a horse race
about 490 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Eucharides Painter
Country: Greece
Menas Flask
c. 550-700 CE
Country: Egypt
Flask with St. Menas
Late 5th-6th century CE
Country: Egypt