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Vase in the "Zesta" pattern
c. 1920
Maker: Gundy-Clapperton Co. Ltd. / Clapperton's Ltd. (Canadian, 1905-1972)
Country: Canada
Freedom box presented to Vice-Admiral Charles Saunders
Maker: Attributed to Samuel Teare (active c. 1759-1812)
Country: Ireland
Cream jug
Maker: Douglas Boyd (1901-1972)
Country: Canada
Claret decanter in the "Buzz-Star" pattern
c. 1907-1930
Maker: Roden Brothers / Roden Brothers Ltd. (Canadian, 1891-1953)
Country: Canada
c. 1900-1918
Maker: Gowans, Kent and Co. Ltd. (Canadian, c. 1900-1918)
Country: Canada
Cat vase
c. 1980
Maker: Toan Klein (b. 1949)
Country: Canada