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Bucchero ware amphora with panthers
late 6th century BC
Country: Italy
Plain coarseware alabastron
Late 3rd-1st century BC
Country: Egypt
Round bellied bowl with small lip moulding
about 100-225 AD
Country: Syria
Beaker with slightly bulging base
about 100-200 AD
Country: Syria
Attic black-glaze amphora with double palmettes on neck
about 525-500 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Uprooter Class
Country: Greece
Etruscan bucchero kyathos
about 600-550 BC
Country: Italy
“Sidonian” bottle in the shape of a head
about 200-300 AD
Country: Syria
Conical knobbed beaker
about 50-100 AD
Country: Syria
Attic black-figure skyphos cup showing men running
end of the 6th century BC
Maker: Attributed to the Pistias Class
Country: Greece
Matt-painted ware vessel fragment
c.1700-1500 BC
Country: Greece