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Horse blanket
dated 1844
Country: Canada
Jacquard coverlet with Cherubim
Maker: Edward Graf (1826 - 1904)
Country: Canada
Furnishing textile: La liberté américaine
c. 1789
Maker: Jean Baptiste Huet (French painter, 1745 - 1811) for Oberkampf
Country: France
Patchwork quilt
Country: Canada
Woodblock printed curtains with tropical fruit
Maker: From drawings by J. Oberkampf
Country: France
Les jets d'eau (Fountains) curtain
Maker: Designed by Édouard Bénédictus (French artist, 1878 - 1930), woven at Brunet-Meunié et Cie, Paris
Country: France
Gothic Revival furnishing fabric
Country: France
Wall hanging entitled La Vie au Grand Air
Maker: Designed by André-Edouard Marty (French artist 1882 - 1974), printed by Maison Scheurer, Lauth & Co
Country: France
Length of furnishing fabric
c. 1869
Country: France
Twill diaper coverlet
1840 – 1860
Maker: Samuel Fry (Canadian weaver in Vineland ON, 1812 - 1881)
Country: Canada
Pinewood photo curtain
Maker: Ronald Hansen for Grautex Artprint
Country: Denmark
Curtain fragment
6th century
Maker: Coptic
Country: Egypt
Tapestry hanging entitled Le Premier Péché (the Original Sin)
Maker: Designed by Percyval Tudor-Hart; woven by Léo Belmonte, completed by René Baudonnet
Country: Canada; France
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