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Model snowshoes
Maker: Eastern Cree
Country: Canada
Sculpture of a kayak
Maker: Etuangat Askayook
Country: Canada
Model drum and beater
Maker: Inuit (Ihalmiut)
Country: Canada
Model bull-roarer
June, 1948
Maker: Inuit (Ihalmiut)
Country: Canada
Model cradleboard
c. 1880
Maker: Anishinaabeg
Country: Canada
Ship model "H.M.S. Vanguard"
c. 1956
Maker: Julian B. Glossop
Country: UK; England
Tomb tile
202 BC-8 AD
Country: China
Burial model of a stove
late 1st-2nd century AD
Country: China
Miniature votive jar
c. 1550-1295 BC
Country: Egypt
Modern reproduction of a Roman gladiatorial parade helmet
mid 19th-mid 20th century AD
Country: Italy
Model kayak
early 20th century
Maker: Central Alaskan Yup'ik
Country: USA
Small-scale model of the statue of Athena Parthenos
1958-1962 (from a lost original of 438 BC)
Country: Greece
Mother and child doll
mid-19th century
Maker: Margaret Elliot, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)
Country: Canada
Model cap
Maker: Innu (Montagnais-Naskapi), probably Barren Ground
Country: Canada
Burial model of a pig sty and privy
2nd century AD
Country: China
Model of ceremonial meeting house
Maker: Unidentified Māori artist
Country: New Zealand
Female doll
Maker: Betsy Turkey, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)
Country: Canada
Burial model of a watch-tower
2nd half of 2nd-early 3rd century AD
Country: China