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Furnishing textile entitled Abstract Fiberglas
c. 1950-1954
Maker: Owens-Corning for Co-FabCo
Country: USA
Robe à la française hem fragment
Country: France
Textile length
Country: France; Italy
Spot sampler
mid 19th Century
Country: Mexico
Headcloth fragment
Maker: Chancay culture
Country: Peru
Textile width with picot ground
c. 1800
Maker: Oberkampf
Country: France
Textile length: Shower
c. 2005
Country: Ghana; Togo
Textile length: Electric Fans
Maker: Chemitex African Queen
Country: Ghana
Tiraz textile fragment
Country: Iraq
Tiraz textile fragment
mid 11th century
Country: Egypt
Tiraz textile fragment (qasab)
Country: Egypt
Length of dress fabric
c. 1735
Country: France
Gothic Revival furnishing fabric
Country: France
Length of Bizarre Silk
c. 1708
Maker: In the style of James Leman (1688-1745)
Country: UK; England
Dress fabric
Third quarter of 18th century
Country: France
Carpet fragment
11th century
Country: Spain
/ 17