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Head from a fragmentary votive figure
about late 7th century BC
Country: Cyprus
Bust of a woman
218-235 AD
Head from the fragmentary figure of an elderly man
about 2nd to 1st century BC
Country: Egypt
Portrait bust of Faustina the Elder
about 138-141 AD
Country: Italy
Herm of Silenus
c.138-192 AD
Country: Italy
Figure of Mercury
c. 50-125 AD
Country: Italy
Arm of votive figure
about 750-480 BC
Country: Cyprus
Figure of crouching Aphrodite
3rd to 1st century BC
Country: Turkey
Portrait head of a man
c. 70-50 BC
Country: Italy
Bust of a girl
about 100-125 AD
Bust of the veiled head of a woman
about 117-138 AD
Country: Egypt
Head from a figure
1st century BC
Country: Egypt
Bust of a man
c. 225-275 AD
Grave monument of M. Carienius Venustus
about 80-100 AD
Country: Italy
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