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Maker: Charles Pokwe, Innu (Montagnais-Naskapi)
Country: Canada
20th century
Maker: Marshallese culture
Country: Marshall Islands
Baby carrier
late 20th century
Country: Canada; USA
Baby sling worn over left shoulder
c. 1945
Maker: Campa culture
Country: Peru
c. 1900
Maker: Aleut
Country: USA
Girth ornament for chariot harness
c. 1046 - 850 BC
Country: China
Terret, harness component
about 900-700 BC
Country: Ireland
Tubular horse trapping
about 900-700 BC
Country: Ireland
Crescent-headed linchpin
about 1st century BC
Country: Ireland
Three-linked snaffle-bit
about 50-200 AD
Country: UK
Chariot ornament or horse trappings
about 1000-500 BC
Country: Ireland
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