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Painting of grapes 포도도
19th century?
Country: Korea
Harunobu reproduction
1868 - 1926
Country: Japan
Sketch: A man fighting a devil
Country: Japan
Surimono, 3 figures in nagabakama
Country: Japan
Tokaido, Sakanoshita
Country: Japan
Tokaido, Fuchu
Country: Japan
Painting of Jeong Mong-ju 정몽주 초상(鄭夢周 肖像)
Early 20th century AD
Maker: Unknown
Country: Korea
Rubbing from Songshan Shrine
20th century
Country: China
Painting of rice transplanting 모내기
1885 - 1910 AD
Maker: Gisan
Country: Korea
Main Street, Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka
Leaf from album of twelve fans with painting and calligraphy
Maker: Gao Qipei (1660-1734)
Country: China
Ganjifa playing card
19th century
Country: India
Rubbing from the Tomb of Zuo Biao
Modern rubbing of 1st Century BC original
Country: China
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