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c. 1860
Maker: Samuel Fry (Canadian weaver in Vineland ON, 1812 - 1881)
Country: Canada
Jacquard coverlet with rose motif
dated 1842
Maker: Woven by Wilhelm Armbrust (1807 - 1904)
Country: Canada
Patchwork quilt
Country: Canada
Horse blanket
dated 1844
Country: Canada
Catalogne coverlet
c. 1880
Maker: Acadian
Country: Canada
Quilt with figural motifs
c. 1600
Country: India
Curtain fragment
6th century
Maker: Coptic
Country: Egypt
Fragment of a wall hanging or curtain
4th-5th century
Maker: Coptic
Country: Egypt
Curtain with equestrian hunt
6th century
Maker: Coptic
Country: Egypt
Sami blanket called a grene
Maker: Woven by Inger Eriksen
Country: Norway
Furnishing textile: La liberté américaine
c. 1789
Maker: Jean Baptiste Huet (French painter, 1745 - 1811) for Oberkampf
Country: France
Velvet textile length with pairs of maidens
Maker: Inscription reads anal-i-Saifi (work of Saifi).
Country: Iran
Bed curtain
Country: UK; England
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