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early 19th century
Maker: Probably Anishinaabeg (Ojibwa)
D'mba headdress
19th-early 20th century
Maker: Baga
Country: Guinea; French Guinea
19th century
Maker: Northern Tlingit
Country: USA
Mummy cover of woman with crossed arms
c. 1069-945 BC
Country: Egypt
Funerary stela of Amenuser
c. 2040-1650 BC
Country: Egypt
Mummy of Chantress of Amun, Nefer-mut
c. 924-889 BC
Country: Egypt
Shabti of King Taharqa
c. 690-664 BC
Country: Sudan
Mummy of Antjau
c. 664-600 BC
Country: Egypt
Shabti of King Senkamanisken
c. 640-620 BC
Country: Sudan
Shabti of King Anlamani
c. 620-590 BC
Country: Sudan
Gilt bronze incense burner with cover
2nd century BC
Country: China
Cong tube 玉琮
19th century
Country: China
Tomb mound of General Zu Dashou
1656 AD
Country: China
Funerary figure of military official
before 1656 AD
Country: China
Figure of Sita Tara (White Tara)
17th century AD
Country: Tibet; China
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