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Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)
Acquired on November 16, 1910
Domestic dog, Bull dog
Acquired on July 13, 1936
Lesser ghost bat
Date Collected: 1966-03
Country: Guyana
African Palm Civet
Acquired circa April 20, 1918
Wolverine (Gulo gulo)
Acquired on February 1, 1891
Tree pangolin
Acquired on August 13, 1895
American Bison (Bison bison)
Specimen Death Date: 1933-12-31
Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus lagopus ?)
Acquired on February 1, 1891
Columbian Ground Squirrel
Country: Canada
Southern Reedbuck (Redunca arundinum)
Date Collected: 1913-09-18
Country: Zimbabwe
Mato Grosso dog-faced bat
Date Collected: 1964-04
Country: Guyana
Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus)
Date Collected: 1986-09
Country: USA