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HMS Royal William
Maker: Attributed to John Cleveley the Elder (English, c. 1712−1777)
Lachine From Caughnawaga [Kahnawake]
24 May 1859
Maker: Frances Anne Hopkins (1838-1919)
Country: Canada
Sault Ste. Marie
c. 1855
Maker: William Armstrong (1822-1914)
J. B. Legendre, Surveyor
Maker: William Henry Edward Napier (1828-1894)
Tallcase clock
Maker: John Lumsden (active c. 1793-1802), works by unidentified English maker
Country: UK
A View of the Bishop's House with the Ruins as they appear in going down the Hill from the Upper to the Lower Town
Maker: Drawn by Richard Short; Engraved by J. Fougeron; Published by Richard Short; Sold by Thomas Jefferys, at Charing Cross (London)
c. 1870-1890
Maker: Likely Jacob Bock
Country: Canada
Bowl with Chinese motifs
c. 1750-1770
Maker: Unidentified maker
Country: UK; England
Picture frame
Maker: George Beech (active c. 1851-1869)
Country: Canada
Miniature spittoon
Maker: Owen Sound Pottery Company (Brownscombe and Horning, 1895-1907)
Country: Canada
c. 1890-1899
Maker: George Taylor
Country: Canada
The Wolf Hunter
Maker: Arthur Heming (1870-1940)
Country: Canada
St. Helen's Island
Maker: James Pattison Cockburn (1779-1847)
Hôtel Dieu from the Battery
5 March 1830
Maker: James Pattison Cockburn (1779-1847)
Pitcher in "British America" pattern with scene "Quebec from the opposite shore of the St. Laurence [sic]"
c. 1845-1855
Maker: Made by Podmore, Walker & Co. (English, 1834-1859), scene after William Henry Bartlett (English, 1809-1854)
Country: UK; England
Clifton House Hotel, Niagara
Maker: Lieutenant General Sir Henry William Barnard (British, 1799-1857; posted to Canada 1838-1842)
Shelf clock
c. 1830-1840
Maker: Charles J. R. Ardouin (c. 1792-1837)
Country: Canada
Ice Cutting on the St. Lawrence at Montreal
c. 1859
Maker: James Duncan (1806-1881)
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