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Pointe Lévis
Maker: James Pattison Cockburn (1779-1847)
Toast rack
Maker: M.S. Brown & Company (active 1871-1919)
Country: Canada
His Majesty's Dockyard At Halifax in 1760
21 May 1760
Maker: Unknown artist
Ruins of the Intendant's Palace
Maker: George Heriot (1759-1839)
Portrait of Robert Isaac Dey Gray
c. 1800
Maker: William Berczy (1744-1813); active in Canada 1794-1813
Landscape With Beach and Cliffs
Maker: John Duncan MacDiarmid (active 1838-1848)
House of Assembly From the Grand Battery, Quebec
Maker: Lieutenant General Sir Henry William Barnard (British, 1799-1857; posted to Canada 1838-1842)
View of Montreal From Longueuil
Maker: James Duncan (1806-1881)
Country: Canada
Cape Diamond from Spencer Wood
Maker: James Pattison Cockburn (1779-1847)
The Cone at Montmorency
Maker: James Pattison Cockburn (1779-1847)
Landscape with River and Woods Near Trois-Rivières
Maker: Frances Anne Hopkins (1838-1919)
Country: Canada
A Lakeshore Encampment
c. 1855
Maker: William Armstrong (1822-1914)
Lower Town, Quebec Seen From the Old Landing Place
Maker: John Richard Coke Smyth (1808-1882)
The Landing Place, Quebec
August 1838
Maker: John Richard Coke Smyth (1808-1882)
General Brock's Monument From the Niagara River
Maker: John Richard Coke Smyth (1808-1882)
SS Sarmatian
c. 1900-1907
Maker: Unknown artist C. K.
c. 1870
Maker: Robert Hendery & Co. (Canadian, active c. 1866-1870), retailed through Savage, Lyman & Co. (Canadian, 1868-1878)
Country: Canada
Horse Shoe Fall, from South West Edge, near the Table Rock
c. 1847
Maker: Henry Samuel Davis (fl.1818-1852)