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Feather container
c. 1967
Maker: Kayapó (Xikrín) culture
Country: Brazil
Wakahuia (valuables box)
late 19th-early 20th century
Maker: Maori culture
Country: New Zealand
Ci wara (Headdress)
20th century
Maker: Unidentified Bamana artist or workshop
Country: Mali
Quiver with poison darts
c. 1975
Maker: Kayapó culture
Country: Brazil
Ere ibeji twin figure
19th to mid-20th century
Maker: Unidentified Yoruba artist
Country: Nigeria
Masquerade costume
20th century
Maker: Mossi
Country: Burkina Faso
Basketry water jar
c. 1900
Maker: Apache or Paiute
Country: USA
Trade beads sampler panel
c. 1870
Maker: Nissin Namer Company
Country: Italy
Currency necklace
c. 1908
Country: Papua New Guinea
Kina shell
early 20th century
Maker: Highlands
Country: Papua New Guinea
Snuffing tube
c. 1966
Maker: Cuiva culture
Country: Colombia
Pair of sandals
c. 1960
Maker: Wayu
Country: Colombia
Cell phone holder
Maker: Mindanao
Country: Philippines
Itate (spindle)
c. 1965
Maker: Tangoa Leandro Pua, Chayahuita
Country: Peru
Funeral Mask
c. 1900
Maker: Malagan
Country: Papua New Guinea
Fish sculpture
20th century
Maker: Rapanui culture
Country: Chile
Maker: Ladi Kwali (1930-1984)
Country: Nigeria
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