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c. 1881
Maker: Made by Wedgwood (English, established 1759), pattern attributed to Lewis Foreman Day (British, 1845 -1910)
Country: UK; England
Side plate, “Corn Poppy” pattern
c. 1970
Maker: Designed by Susie Cooper (English, 1902-1995), made by Wedgwood (English, established 1759)
Country: UK; England
Teapot & cover, "Town and Country" pattern
Designed c. 1945-1946, made from January 1947 until May 1956
Maker: Designed by Eva Zeisel (Hungarian, 1906-2011, active in USA), made by Red Wing Potteries Inc.(American, active 1878-1967)
Country: USA
Hardanger violin
Country: Norway
Sauce tureen on stand
Maker: Wedgwood (English, est. 1759)
Country: UK; England
Stained glass window, "Death of Saint Nicholas"
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Netherlands; Germany
Maquette for a lion group for the Pont Alexandre III
c. 1907
Maker: Original model by Aime-Jules Dalou (French, 1838-1902), cast by A. Hebrard
Country: France
Autograph song by George Grossmith
19th - 20th century
Maker: George Grossmith (English, 1847-1912)
Autograph postcard to R. S. Williams from Prof. Otakar Sevcik
30 December 1912
Maker: Otakar Sevcik (Czech, 1852-1934)
Country: Czech Republic
The Times, Plate 1
Maker: William Hogarth (English, 1697-1764)
Country: UK; England
The Bench
Maker: William Hogarth (English, 1697-1764)
Country: UK; England
Boys Peeping At Nature
Maker: Willaim Hogarth (English, 1697-1764)
Country: UK; England
Crowns, Mitres, Maces, etc.
Maker: William Hogarth (English, 1697-1764)
Rectangular piano
Maker: Piano movement by Frederick Beck (German, active in London 1771-1798), piano case attributed to Christopher Fuhrlohg (Swedish 1737-1800, active in London c. 1767-1787)
Country: UK; England
Martin Folkes, Esq.
Maker: William Hogarth (Enlgish, 1697-1764)
Country: UK; England
Viking sword
c. 900-1000 AD
Maker: unknown maker
Country: Germany; Scandinavia