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"Tanagra" type figure of a seated boy
late 4th to 3rd century BC
Country: Greece
about 300-350 AD
Country: Syria
Socketed spearhead
about 1500-1300 BC
Country: Slovakia
Torc with regular 3-groove spiral fluting
about 800-600 BC
Country: Hungary
Ewart Park type sword
about 800-700 BC
Country: UK
Knife blade
3rd century AD
Country: Syria
Dagger blade
1400-900 BC
Country: UK
Footed bowl
15th century AD
Country: Cyprus
Oil lamp
about 4th-5th century AD
Country: Egypt
Kernos (multiple vase)
100-200 AD
Country: UK
Pendant cross
about 600-1200 AD
about 100 to 200 AD
Country: Cyprus
Javelin head
c. 1-400 AD