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Votive foot
100-25 BC
Country: Italy
Shallow bowl
c. 1350-1300 BC
Country: Cyprus
Wall plaque with mask of Medusa
1st century BC
Country: Greece
Disk brooch
about 500-700 AD
Country: Germany
Brooch in the shape of a rosette
about 500-600 AD
Country: Germany
Single-edged seax sword blade
8th century CE
Country: Germany
c. 150-50 BC
Country: Italy
Body of a "canopic urn"
About 650-500 BC
Country: Italy
Two-handled jar with cremation burial
c. 225-100 BC
Country: Italy
Jar containing cremation burial
c. 200-100 BC
Country: Italy
Fibula with double arched bow
c. 700-500 BC
Country: Italy
about 100-150 AD
Country: UK
Palstave (flanged axe)
about 1500-1300 BC