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Black gloss overpainted skyphos
1st half 4th century BC
Country: Italy
Mirror engraved with a giant
c. 300-250 BC
Country: Italy
late 9th to 8th century BC
Country: Italy
Stater coin
400-350 BC
Country: Greece
Black-gloss skyphos
about 400-350 BC
Country: Italy
Head of a votive figure, "temple boy" type
late 4th-early 3rd century BC
Country: Cyprus
Togatus (man wearing a toga)
c. 25-50 AD
Country: Italy
Thin-butted flat axe-head
c. 2500-700 BC
Country: UK
Looped socketed axe
about 750-550 BC
Country: France
about 550-480 BC
Fragment of a Red-figure calyx-krater
about 400 BC
Country: Greece
Attachment in form of a leaping feline
about 200-700 AD
Country: Egypt
Hexagonal glass jug with impressed designs
about 300-500 AD
Country: Syria