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Stamp seal in vague form of scarab beetle
c. 1800 to 1600 BC
Country: Syria; Palestine
Tile of cross-shape
13th century AD
Country: Iran
Tile panel
16th century AD
Country: Syria
Bowl with fenestrated design
12th-13th century AD
Country: Iran
Cylinder seal with geometric design
c. 3100-2900 BC
Country: Iraq
Stamp seal with hump backed (zebu) bull
c. 400-600 AD
Country: Iran
Stamp seal
4th-6th century AD
Country: Iran
Bowl with lobed bottom
c. 400 BC
Country: Iran
Figurine head
c. 4th-3rd millennium BC
Country: Greece
Figurine of female
c. 4th-first half of 3rd millennium BC
Country: Greece
Vessel in the form of a bull
c. 800 BC
Country: Iran
Jar with paired bird design
c. 2600-1400 BC
Country: Iran
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