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Pair of “Model 45” or “NV 45” Armchairs
Maker: Designed by Finn Juhl (Danish, 1912-1989), produced by Niels Vodder (Danish, 1892-1982); after 1982 by Søren Horn, and currently by Niels Roth Andersen
Country: Denmark
Armchair, known as the “Round Chair” or “The Chair”
Designed in 1949-1950
Maker: Designed by Hans Wegner (Danish, 1914-2007), made by Johannes Hansen
Country: Denmark
Design introduced about 1916
Maker: Designed by Georg Jensen (Danish, 1866-1935), made by Georg Jensen Silversmithy
Country: Denmark
BO 333 chair
Designed c. 1955
Maker: Designed by Steen Eiler Rasmussen (Danish 1898–1990) & Kai Lyngfeldt-Larsen (Danish 1920-2001), distributed by Bovirke
Country: Denmark
Designed in 1941, produced from 1945-c. 1970; production model of 1951
Maker: Designed by Finn Juhl (Danish, 1912 –1989), produced by Niels Vodder (Danish, 1892-1982)
Country: Denmark
Barcelona Chair or red chair
Designed in 1927-1933, production model of 1934
Maker: Designed by Kaare Klint (Danish, 1888-1954), made by Rud. Rasmussens Snedkerier
Country: Denmark
“Egg” lounge chair
Designed in 1957, made since 1958
Maker: Designed by Arne Jacobsen (Danish, 1902-1971), made by Fritz Hansen Eft. A/S
Country: Denmark
Country: Denmark
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