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"Greifswald" bowl
Designed 1938-1939
Maker: Designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld (German, 1900-1990), made by Vereinigte Lausitzer Glaswerk AG
Country: Germany
Tripod bowl
Designed c. 1925-1929
Maker: Designed by Louise Harkort (German, 1896-1966), made by Steingutfabriken Velten-Vordamm (Velten Vordamm Ceramics)
Country: Germany
Two handle silver bowl with cover
Maker: Johann Erhard Heuglin II (1687-1757); master 1717
Country: Germany
c. 1500-1600
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Germany
Silver peg tankard with cover.
c. 1575-1625
Maker: "H" makers mark within in a shield
Country: Germany
Designed about 1910, made c.1910-1920
Maker: Designed by Wilhelm Süs (1861-1933), made by the Großherzoglische Keramische Manufactur (GKM)
Country: Germany
c. 1910-1920
Maker: Made by Villeroy & Boch
Country: Germany
Child's Haggadah
Maker: Illustrations by Otto Geismar
Country: Germany
Pikeman's half suit of armour
Country: Germany
Nautilus shell cup
early 1600s; probably re-gilded c. 1900
Maker: Probably by Daniel Müller
Country: Germany
The Second Knot, from the Series of Six Knots
Maker: Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471 - 1528)
Country: Germany
Two handed landsknecht sword
c. 1550-1600
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Germany
Designed c.1912, made c.1912-1913
Maker: Designed by Walter Gropius (German, 1883-1969, active in Germany, England and the United States), made by Hermann Gerson
Country: Germany