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Portable harp
c. 1820
Maker: John Egan (Irish, active c.1804-1841)
Country: Ireland
Autograph note to Mrs. Robinson from Alfredo Carlo Piatti
23 November 1855
Maker: Alfredo Carlo Piatti (Italian, 1822-1901)
Country: Ireland
Keyed Bugle in C
Maker: Made by Matthew Pace & Sons (Irish, active in Dublin 1798-1815, active in London 1815-c.1819)
Country: Ireland
Autograph letter to Frederick Gye from Cavaliere de Candia Mario
30 March 1859
Maker: Cavaliere di Candia Mario (Italian tenor, 1810-1883)
Country: Ireland
Portrait miniature depicting James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde and Earl of Ossory (1665-1745)
before 1720
Maker: Attributed to Bishop Simon Digby (Irish, 1668-1720)
Country: Ireland
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