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Late Ptolemaic miniature oil lamp from a 'lamp house'
about the 2nd-1st century BC
Country: Egypt
Head of Jupiter Ammon
about 1st-2nd century AD
Country: Italy
Light blue-green ribbed bowl
about 50-100 AD
Country: Syria
Sling bullet
1st century BC
Country: Italy
about 100-150 AD
Country: UK
c. 200-300 AD
Country: Germany
Head of a woman
117-138 AD
Footed bowl
13th-14th century
Country: Cyprus
Footed bowl
about 14th century
Country: Cyprus
Vase in the form of an animal
mid 6th century BC
Country: Italy
Solidus coin of Herakleios
636-637 AD
Country: Turkey
/ 241