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"Tanagra" figure of young woman
c. 400-300 BC
Country: Greece
Figure of a youthful Dionysus
1st-3rd century AD after original of 4th century BC
Country: Egypt
Bust of Dionysus
c. 117-138 AD
Country: Italy
Small-scale model of the statue of Athena Parthenos
1958-1962 (from a lost original of 438 BC)
Country: Greece
Boat-shaped earring
about 600-500 BC
Country: Turkey
Grave stele of Iostrate
c. 340-360 BC
Country: Greece
Head from the fragmentary figure of an elderly man
about 2nd to 1st century BC
Country: Egypt
Head from a figure
1st century BC
Country: Egypt
Torso of a satyr
1st-3rd century AD
Country: Italy
Head of young man, fragmentary statue
late 2nd to early 1st century BC
Ring with gemstone engraving of Athena
1st century BC-1st century AD
Country: Cyprus
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