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Chasuble in the naturalistic style
Maker: Style of Jean Revel (Lyonese silk designer, 1684-1751)
Country: France
Woman's handbag
1850 – 1899
Country: Mexico
Spot sampler
mid 19th century
Country: Mexico
Furnishing textile panel entitled "Begonia"
first quarter of the 20th century
Maker: Atelier Martine established by Paul Poiret (French couturier, designer, 1879 - 1944)
Country: France
Man's festival robe
Maker: Miao culture
Country: China
I Cirri (furnishing textile)
Maker: Gio Pomodoro
Country: Italy
Needlework sampler
19th century
Maker: Mary Adel Carmen Larjsya
Country: UK; England
Maker: Elizabeth Shayler
Country: UK; England
Gentleman’s nankeen pantaloons
c. 1800-1810
Country: UK; Scotland
Textile length
c. 2005
Maker: HW
Country: Ghana
Textile length: High Heels
c. 2005
Maker: UNTL
Country: Ghana; Nigeria
Textile length (dress fabric)
c. 2005
Country: China
Sex Pistols "God save the queen" handkerchief
Maker: Vivienne Westwood (English fashion and textile designer, b. 1941)
Country: UK; England
Man's shirt
Maker: Vito Rofolo (Italian designer)
Country: Italy
Wrapper (lambahoany)
Country: Madagascar
Batignolles: Spring/Summer 1949, Trompe l’oeil collection
Maker: Designed by Christian Dior; made in the atelier tailleur by Paul; textile by F. Ducharne Soieries
Country: France
Man's hat
Maker: Philip Treacy (Irish hat designer and fashion designer based in London, b. 1967)
Country: UK; England
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