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Dish with Chinese waterfowl scene
Early 17th century AD
Country: Iran
Dinar (coin) of Sultan Mas
1030-1031 AD
Country: Afghanistan
"Garrus" ware bowl with human-headed quadraped
11th-mid-12th century AD
Country: Iran
Monochrome turquoise stool or table
Early 13th century AD
Country: Syria
Lustre-ware albarello
1200-1250 AD
Country: Syria
Tile from an architectural frieze with a partial Qur'anic inscription
c. 1310 AD
Maker: Maker's name unrecorded
Country: Iran
Hexagonal tile with landscape
Early 15th century AD
Country: Syria
Bottle with hunting scene
17th century AD
Country: Iran
Tulip vase for cut flowers
c. 1650 AD
Country: Iran
Bowl with omphalos
Early 18th century AD
Country: Iran
Slip-painted bowl with Kufic inscription
10th century AD
Country: Uzbekistan
Bottle of lyre shape (neck missing)
1650-1680 AD
Country: Iran
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