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Comb with swallow-tail projections
about 1st century AD or earlier
Country: Egypt
Razor with thin oval blade
about 700-600 BC
Country: UK
Socketed beaked type axe
about 1250-1000 BC
Country: Hungary
Finger-ring type key
Country: Romania
ca. 1st century CE
Country: Italy
about 1-400 AD
Wing-flanged palstave, axe
c. 1250-1000 BC
Country: UK
Loom weight, truncated pyramidal type
6th - 5th century BC
Country: Italy
about 900-1120 AD
Country: UK
Pyramidal loom weight
Country: Greece
Sliding lid from a shoemaker's toolbox
3rd-4th century AD
Country: Egypt
Lamp mould impressed with fish designs
450-500 AD
Country: Tunisia
Spatula probe
about 1-200 AD
Socketed axe head
12th-6th century BC
Country: UK
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