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Siliqua coin of Gratian
August 9, 378- August 25, 383 AD
Country: Germany
Denarius with helmeted head of Roma
169-158 BC
Maker: Furius Purpurio (moneyer)
Country: Italy
Serrate denarius with helmeted head of Roma
80 BC
Maker: C. POBLICI Q.F. (moneyer)
Country: Italy
Sestertius coin of Philip I
c. 244-249 AD
Country: Italy
Solidus coin of Constantius II
324-361 AD
Country: Turkey
Sestertius with bust of Clodius Albinus
c. 194-195 AD
Country: Italy
Siliqua coin of Valentinian I
364-367 AD
Country: Italy
Follis coin of Constantine I
late 307-308 AD
Country: Germany
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