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Finial in the form of a lion's head
c. 800-600 BC
Country: Syria; Lebanon; Iraq
Panel component for inlay with bull
7th century BC
Country: Iraq; Syria
Oil lamp with seven wick-holes
c. 50-150 AD
Country: Israel
Rosewater sprinkler
19th century AD
Country: Turkey
Monochrome turquoise stool or table
Early 13th century AD
Country: Syria
Plaque in the form of a winged lion
c. 800-600 BC
Country: Iraq; Turkey
Oil lamp with inscription in Arabic
7th century AD
Country: Israel
Oil lamp with tall neck and handle
c. 975-1150 AD
Country: Egypt
Oil lamp for multiple wicks
c. 1st to 4th century AD
Country: Syria
Oil lamp with cross on handle
c. 300-400 AD
Country: Palestine
Oil lamp
1st century BC
Country: Israel
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