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Textile length: Okunpa (Good Husband)
c. 2005
Maker: GTP
Country: Ghana
Woodblock printed curtain with tropical fruit
Maker: From drawings by J. Oberkampf
Country: France
Horse blanket
dated 1844
Country: Canada
Ceinture fléchée (sash)
mid 19th century
Country: Canada
Orphrey band fragment wih Annunciation
mid-15th century
Country: Italy
Fragment of a tapestry hanging
8th-9th century
Country: Egypt
Jacquard coverlet with Cherubim
Maker: Edward Graf (1826 - 1904)
Country: Canada
Textile panel, possibly for a wrapper
1968 – 1972
Country: Nigeria
Furnishing textile: La liberté américaine
c. 1789
Maker: Jean Baptiste Huet (French painter, 1745 - 1811) for Oberkampf
Country: France
Man's uncut imperial coat or chao fu
early 17th century
Country: China
Tiraz textile fragment
12th century
Country: Egypt
Textile length
Country: France; Italy
Textile width with picot ground
c. 1800
Maker: Oberkampf
Country: France
/ 16