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Figure of male with devotional offering
8th-7th century BC
Country: Iraq
Halafian figure of a female
c. 6000-5300 BC
Country: Syria
Figure of female
c. 6100-5100 BC
Country: Syria; Iraq
Figurine of winged spirit
9th-8th century BC
Country: Iraq
Figure of female diety
c. 2000-1500 BC
Country: Syria
Head from abstract figurine
c. 4th-3rd millennium BC
Country: Turkey
Figure of female with headdress
c. 2000-1000 BC
Country: Turkey
Portrait bust of General Sir Isaac Brock
Maker: Hamilton MacCarthy (English, 1846-1939, active in Canada)
Country: Canada
Statue, Virgin and Child
c. 1825
Maker: Unidentified maker
Country: Canada
Sculpture; Virgin and Child
c. 1910-1930
Maker: Henri Angers (1870-1963)
Country: Canada
Fragment of a royal statue
c. 1550-1295 BC
Country: Egypt
Relief depicting man with carrying pole
c. 1352-1336 BC
Country: Egypt
Maker: B. Lorraine, Kwakwaka'wakw
Country: Canada
Engraved mammoth tusk
Maker: Happy Jack, Bering Sea Eskimo
Country: USA
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