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Togatus (man wearing a toga)
c. 25-50 AD
Country: Italy
Figure of a male votary
about 425 BC
Country: Cyprus
"Kapsala" type female figure
about 2700-2600 BC
Country: Greece
Arm of votive figure
about 750-480 BC
Country: Cyprus
Torso of Aphrodite, Roman copy of 4th century BC Greek original by Praxiteles
1st-4th century AD copying 4th century BC original
Country: Egypt
Fragmentary figure of a male votary
about 480-400 BC
Country: Cyprus
Head from a male figure
100 BC–25 AD
Country: Egypt
Figure of standing Aphrodite Anadyomene
2nd century AD
Country: Egypt
Head of a wreathed female figure
about 450 BC
Country: Cyprus
Chryselephantine figurine of a woman
Early 20th century AD or about 1600 BC
Country: Greece
Torso of a fragmentary figure
about 100 BCE
Country: Egypt
Figure of Zeus seated on an eagle
c. 100-200 AD
Country: Egypt
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