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Fish net with lead sinkers and sale tag
c. 1904
Maker: Tagalog or Visayan culture
Country: Philippines
Multipurpose knife
late 19th century
Maker: Tayal
Country: China; Taiwan; Formosa
Key holder (spi)
Maker: Wayu (Guajiro)
Country: Venezuela; Colombia
Sago platter dish
early 20th century
Maker: Asmat
Country: Indonesia
20th century
Maker: Marshallese culture
Country: Marshall Islands
Hand net
late 19th century
Maker: Possibly Tayal
Country: China; Taiwan; Formosa
Fly whisk
Collected 1884-1886
Maker: Unidentified maker
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Baby sling worn over left shoulder
c. 1945
Maker: Campa culture
Country: Peru
Baby sling (Ayi)
c. 1966
Maker: Kayapó culture
Country: Brazil
Itate (spindle)
c. 1965
Maker: Tangoa Leandro Pua, Chayahuita
Country: Peru
Flat basket for turning 
cassava bread
c. 1945
Maker: Wapishana culture
Country: Guyana; British Guiana
Snuffing tube
c. 1966
Maker: Cuiva culture
Country: Colombia
Device to teach children to walk
c. 1968
Maker: Cubeo (Maloka)
Country: Colombia
Quiver with blowgun 
darts and attached 
container for kapok
c. 1930
Maker: Yagua culture
Country: Peru
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