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Statuette of striding Anubis
c. 4th century BC
Country: Egypt
Offering scene from Theban tomb painting
c. 1390-1352 BC
Country: Egypt
Fragment of a royal statue
c. 1550-1295 BC
Country: Egypt
Longquan ware figure of Zhenwu, the Perfected Warrior
14th-16th Century
Maker: Longquan ware
Country: China
Ancestor Portrait of an Elderly Woman 祖先像
19 cent.
Maker: Unknown artist
Country: China
Figure of a luohan
c. 1504
Country: China
Figure of seated duck
mid 18th-19th Century
Country: China
Male ancestor portrait 祖先像
2nd half of 16th century
Maker: Unknown artist
Country: China
"Bo" type bell
6th-5th century BC
Country: China
Actor Ichikawa Danzo
Late 1770s - 1805
Maker: Utagawa Kunimasa [I (1773?- 1810)?]
Country: Japan
Album leaf of "Eight Views of the Xiao and Xian Rivers"
18th century
Maker: Mu Xi
Country: China
Ancestor portraits of Ding Family 丁氏家族祖先像
late 18th-early 19th century
Maker: Unknown artist
Country: China
Figural head of an ascetic
3rd - 5th century AD
Country: Pakistan
Hanging scroll of "May you rise rapidly in officialdom"
18th Century
Maker: Fu Wen
Country: China
Portrait of a fifth-rank Chinese official
mid 19th Century
Maker: Anton Legasov (1798 – 1865)
Country: China
Second half of 19th century CE
Country: India
Leaf from album of twelve fans with painting and calligraphy
Maker: Gao Qipei (1660-1734)
Country: China
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