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Female figure
c. 5000-4000 BC
Fountain sculpture of sleeping Silenus
1st-2nd century AD based on original of circa 200 BC
Mithraic relief
2nd century AD, possibly about 160 AD
Country: Italy
Large head of a bearded votive figure
late 6th-early 5th century BC
Country: Cyprus
Figure with short arms
c. 5000-4000 BC
Bust of Thucydides
about 2nd-1st century BC
Country: Greece
Figure of a horse and rider
about 550 BC
Country: Greece
Fragment of a votive figure carrying a bird
Late 6th century BC
Country: Cyprus
Bust of Dionysus
c. 117-138 AD
Country: Italy
1:200 model of the Acropolis
1956 model of the late 5th century BC original
Maker: Sylvia Hahn
Country: Canada
Votive figure of a seated bull
c. 1200 BC
Country: Greece
Figure of seated female figure
6500-5500 BC
Country: Greece
"Kapsala" type female figure
about 2700-2600 BC
Country: Greece
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