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Sword of "Yataghan" type
19th century AD
Country: Turkey
Figure of male with devotional offering
8th-7th century BC
Country: Iraq
Jar with bird design
c. 1800-1600 BC
Country: Iran
Dinar coin of Mahmud II
1836 AD
Country: Turkey
Marquetry Casket
17th-18th century AD
Country: Turkey
Steel mace in shape of a bull's head
Late 18th-early 19th century AD
Country: Iran
Cylinder with commemorative text
c. 605-562 BC
Country: Iraq
Figure of female
c. 6100-5100 BC
Country: Syria; Iraq
Foilate point (laurel-leaf point)
c. 30,000-9,000 BP
Country: Algeria
Storage vessel for wine
c. 3100-3000 BC
Country: Iran
Seal from signet ring with Arabic inscription
9th-10th century AD
Country: Iraq
Glazed brick wall relief of lion
605-562 BC
Country: Iraq
Gun with "miquelet" flintlock mechanism
Inscription on barrel seems to give date equal to 1649 AD
Country: Turkey
Dish with blue and white design
Mid-16th century AD
Country: Iran
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