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Scenic wallpaper fragment “Psyche at her Bath” from the cycle of “Psyché et Cupidon”, inspired by Jean de La Fontaine’s (1621-1695) novel  “Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon” (1669)
Issued in 1816 or later
Maker: Composition designed by Louis Lafitte (French, 1770-1828) and Marie Joseph Blondel (French, 1781-1853), wallpaper edition designed by Xavier Mader (French, 1789-1830) for (Joseph) Dufour et Cie. (French, active 1801-1865)
Country: France
Silver stand for two handle cup
c. 1600-1630
Maker: unknown maker
Country: Spain
Portrait miniature of Mary Fraser
Maker: Attributed to John Smart (English, c.1740-1811)
Country: UK; England
Portrait miniature depicting Queen Elizabeth I (1553-1603, reigned 1558-1603)
Maker: Attributed to Nicholas Hilliard (English, c.1547-1619)
Country: UK; England
Portrait miniature depicting Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton (1573-1624)
Maker: Sir James Palmer (English, 1585-1658)
Country: UK; England
Portrait miniature of a Young Officer
early 19th century
Maker: Attributed to Mrs. William Walker (British)
Country: UK; England
Les Empoisonneurs Patentés Les Falsificateurs de Lait, from L'Assiette au Beurre magazine
February 1902
Maker: Thomaz Leal Da Camara (Portuguese; 1876-1948)
Country: France
Double barrelled flintlock sporting gun
Maker: Jean Gosuin
Country: Belgium
Portrait miniature of a Gentleman in a wig
Maker: R.A. Ozias Humphrey (British; 1742-1810)
Country: UK; England
Portrait miniature of an Officer in a scarlet uniform
Maker: Walter Stephen Lethbridge (British; 1771/2-1831)
Country: UK; England
Portrait of Lady Felicia Jemima Lygon as Hebe, daughter of the 1st Earl Beauchamp
Maker: Mrs. Anne Mee (British; 1770/5-1851)
Country: UK; England
Portrait miniature of Lady with brown hair
Maker: Nathaniel Plimer (British; 1757-1822)
Country: UK; England
Icon of the Mother of God with the Child (Hodegetria)
c. 1700-1799
Maker: unknown
Country: Greece
Icon of The Baptism of Christ
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Greece
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