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Sketchbook, "The Russo-Japanese War. Naval Incidents 1904."
Maker: William Minshall Birchall (American, 1884–1941, active in England)
Portrait of Godfrey Kneller
Maker: Isaac Beckett (English, 1653- c.1715-19), after a self-portrait by Godfrey Kneller (German, 1646-1723, active in England)
Country: UK; England
Maker: Honoré Daumier (French, 1808–1879)
Country: France
"A la Tribune," Plate 5 from Scènes Parliamentaries published in Le Charivari
April 25, 1843
Maker: Honoré Daumier (France, 1808-1879)
Country: France
Designed in 1922, made c.1922
Maker: Designed by Vittorio Zecchin (Italian, 1878-1947), made by Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappelin-Venini & C.
Country: Italy
Snuff Box depicting Venus and Adonis
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Switzerland
Trout Head Stirrup Cup
Maker: Derby Porcelain Factory (English, established 1756)
Country: UK; England
Maker: Honoré Daumier (French, 1808-1879)
Country: France
Designed c.1925
Maker: Glass bowl by Antonin Daum (French, 1864-1930), wrought iron armature by Louis Majorelle (French, 1859-1926)
Country: France
Made c.1820, original models created 1783-1784
Maker: Wedgwood (English, est. 1759), original models designed by John Flaxman (English, 1755-1826)
Country: UK; England
Cachepot and stand
c. 1778
Maker: Wedgwood (English, est. 1759), made during the Wedgwood & Bentley period (active 1769-1780)
Country: UK; England
Monumental vase, "Mansard" model
Maker: Made by Sèvres Porcelain Factory (French, est. c.1740), painted by Joseph-Ferdinand Regnier, mounts made by Christofle (French, est. 1830)
Country: France
Paperweight, Mushroom with Torsade Magnum
Maker: George Bacchus & Sons
Country: UK; England
Maker: Designed by Richard Guyatt, made by Wedgwood (English, est. 1759) for Liberty’s Department Store
Country: UK; England
Potpourri or perfume vase
Maker: Chelsea Porcelain Manufactory (English, active c. 1745-1784), Gold Anchor period (1758-1770)
Country: UK; England
Round Dish
Maker: Derby Porcelain Factory (English, established 1756) during the Bloor Derby period (active c. 1820 -1840), painted landscape possibly by Daniel Lucas Senior (English, 1787 - 1867)
Country: UK; England
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