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Axehead of Killaha type
2000-1600 BC
Country: UK
about 1st century BC -1st century AD
Country: Egypt
Ptolemaic oil lamp with relief patterns
about 250-200 BC
Country: Egypt
Figure of Isis-Aphrodite
c. 31-1 BC
Country: Egypt
6th century CE
Country: Egypt
Large funerary volute krater
about late 4th century BC
Country: Greece
Etruscan bucchero kyathos
about 600-550 BC
Country: Italy
Etruscan bucchero stand decorated with horses
about 550-500 BC
Country: Italy
c. 500 to 400 BC
Gnostic gemstone amulet
2nd - 4th century AD
Country: Egypt
Attic black-figure amphora with lid showing Dionysos and Ariadne in a chariot with gods
about 520-500 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Group of Würzburg 210, part of the Leagros Group
Country: Greece
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