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Samian ware dish base fragment
c. 50-100 AD
Country: France
Fragment of a Samian ware dish
about 50-75 AD
Country: France
Sheath from dagger
c. 600-500 BC
Country: UK
Bowl of Samian ware
100-120 AD
Maker: In the style of X-11
Drachm coin of Hadrian
117-138 AD
Country: Egypt
Fraction of Galerius
295-299 AD
Country: Turkey
Dupondius coin
71 AD
Country: Italy
Solidus coin of Constans II
c. 651-659 AD
Country: Turkey
Sestertius with bust of Clodius Albinus
c. 194-195 AD
Country: Italy
Denarius coin with head of Venus
47-46 BC
Country: France
Tetradrachm coin
Circa 449-412 BC
Country: Greece
Disk brooch
about 500-700 AD
Country: Germany
Denarius of Elagabalus
221 AD
Country: Italy
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