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Quipu, a knotted string instrument for recording information
Maker: Possibly Inca culture
Country: Peru
c. 1930
Maker: Yahua
Country: Peru
Baby sling worn over left shoulder
c. 1945
Maker: Campa culture
Country: Peru
Woman's dance vest
c. 1960
Maker: Quechua ethnic group
Country: Peru
Itate (spindle)
c. 1965
Maker: Tangoa Leandro Pua, Chayahuita
Country: Peru
Quiver with blowgun 
darts and attached 
container for kapok
c. 1930
Maker: Yagua culture
Country: Peru
Silver Mask
1200-1532 AD
Maker: Chimu or Inca
Country: Peru
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