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Paperweight, Mutant Brain
Maker: Virginia Wilson Toccalino (Canadian, b. 1955) and Tony Toccalino (Canadian, b. 1952), retailed by Galactic Art Glass Studio
Country: Canada
Galaxy paperweight
Maker: Toan Klein (Canadian, b. 1949)
Country: Canada
Promotional paperweight
about 1900
Maker: Sydenham Glass Company (Canadian, active 1894-1913)
Country: Canada
Portrait miniature of Zaidee Emily (Watt) Venables, mother of Joan Thompson
Maker: Joshua Smith (English, 1880-1938, active in Canada)
Country: Canada
Autograph letter to a Mr. Bull from R. S. Williams
28 November 1894
Maker: R. S. Williams (Canadian, 1834-1906)
Country: Canada
Hanukkah Menorah
September 1982
Maker: Delores Feldman
Country: Canada
Portrait miniature of Margaret Joan Venables, later Mrs. Joan Thompson
Maker: Joshua Smith (English, 1880 - 1938, active in Canada)
Country: Canada
Paperweight, Gold Veil
Maker: Mark Armstrong
Country: Canada
Paperweight, Pink Trillium
Maker: Andrew Kuntz (Canadian, b. 1956)
Country: Canada
Portrait miniature case
late 1920s
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Canada
Paperweight, Miniature Double Overlay with Printies
Maker: John E. Gooderham (Canadian, b. 1930)
Country: Canada
Personal paperweight
late 19th century
Maker: Burlington Glass Works (Canadian, 1874-1897)
Country: Canada
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