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Designed c. 1938, made 1938 - 1965
Maker: Designed by Carlo Scarpa (Italian, 1906-1978), made by Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Venini & C.
Country: Italy
Drug jar
Maker: Unknown maker
Country: Italy
Autograph letter to Thomas Broadwood Esq. from Gasparo Pacchierotti
3 July 1819
Maker: Gasparo Pacchierotti (Italian, 1740-1821)
Country: Italy
Crucifixion, Baptism of Christ and Saints
early 15th century
Maker: Embriachi Workshop
Country: Italy
Jar with depiction of Saint Dominic
Maker: Attributed to the workshop of Domenico da Venezia
Country: Italy
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