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Autograph letter to M. Pacini from Gaetano Donizetti
19th century
Maker: Gaetano Donizetti (Italian, 1797-1848)
Autograph letter to an unknown gentleman from Appostolo Zeno
30 July 1701
Maker: Appostolo Zeno (Italian, 1668-1750)
Portrait medallion of Oliver Cromwell (English, 1599-1658)
Maker: Louis François Roubiliac (French, 1702-1762, active in London, England: 1730-1762)
"Late Renaissance Chair"
Maker: Paul Kane (1810 Mallow, Ireland–1871 Toronto, Canada)
16th-17th century
17th century AD
Maker: Tatar
Autograph calling card signed by Hans von Bulow
17 May 1887
Maker: Hans von Bulow (German, 1830-1894)
Autograph statement by Mary Powell
2 June 1792
Maker: Mary A. Powell (?-?)
Contract between the Royal Italian Opera and Giorgio Ronconi
Maker: Giorgio Ronconi (Italian baritone, 1810-1890)
Autograph letter to Alfred Pettet Esq. from William Shield
9 June 1827
Maker: William Shield (English, 1748-1829)
Autograph letter to an unidentified person from Henrietta Sontag
mid 19th century
Maker: Henrietta Sontag (German, 1806-1854)
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