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Relief of garland carriers
2nd - 3rd century AD
Country: Pakistan
Figure of boy in a leaf
mid 17th-early 20th Century
Country: China
Ding ware bowl and cover
2nd half of 11th-1st half of 12th century AD
Maker: Ding ware
Country: China
Confection stamp 떡살
20th century AD
Country: Korea
Burial figure of a pig
25-220 AD
Country: China
Ge (dagger-axe)
13th-1st half of 11th century BC
Country: China
4th-3rd century BC
Country: China
Theropod dinosaur
Date Collected: 1990
Country: USA
Fossil ichthyosaur
Acquired in January 1999
Country: United Kingdom
Fossil entelodont
Date Collected: 1967
Country: Canada
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