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Fragmentary Samian ware bowl
1st quarter of the 2nd century AD
Maker: In the style of objects stamped DRUSUS I
Country: France
Fragmentary hemispherical Samian ware bowl
170-190 AD
Maker: In the style of objects with the stamp of Doeccus
Amphorae Neck Sealing
c. 500-700 AD
Country: Palestine; Egypt
Dish with "saz" leaf design
c. 1575 AD
Country: Turkey
Dish with blue and white design
Mid-16th century AD
Country: Iran
Low comport from the Lord Milton dessert service with scene "Wayside House at Midnight"
c. 1867
Maker: Made by Minton (English, 1793-2001), scene based on drawings and photographs by Dr. Walter Butler Cheadle (Engllish, 1836-1910)
Country: UK; England
Attic white-ground lekythos with women bringing offerings to a grave
about 460 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Manner of the Sabouroff Painter
Country: Greece
"Waster" of a bowl (fragment)
Early 15th century AD
Country: Egypt
Vessel fragment (sherd)
15th century AD
Country: Egypt
Plain tripod bottle with effigy medallions
1350-1500 AD
Maker: Mississippian
Country: USA
Underglaze-painted bowl fragment (base sherd)
late 12th century AD
Country: Syria
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