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Multiple-handled jar with ovoid body
about 350-450 AD
Country: Syria
Small five-handled flask
about 475-600 AD
Country: Syria
Small glass jug with trailed decoration
about 375-425 AD
Country: Syria
Lentoid flask with two dolphin shaped handles
about 300-425 AD
Country: Syria
about 400-450 AD
Two-handled flask with body-flange
about 275-350 AD
Country: Syria
Flask with two handles and indented sides
about 300-400 AD
Country: Palestine
Two-handled jar
about 400-500 AD
Handled flagon
about 275-325 AD
Country: Palestine
Two-handled flagon
about 350-425 AD
Country: Syria
Four-handled flask
about 375-500 AD
Country: Syria
Purple jar
about 250-350 AD
Two-handled glass flagon
about 325-350 AD
Country: Syria
Sgraffito bowl with multi-petalled rosette
about 1200-1300 AD
Country: Cyprus
Two-handled Jar
about 300-500 AD
Country: Palestine