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Stirrup jar
c. 1200 BC
Country: Greece
Crown with engraving
c. 1300-1500 AD
Etruscan bucchero bowl on a stand
about 600-580 BC
Country: Italy
Mirror depicting Lasa holding an alabastron
About 300-200 BC
Country: Italy
Attic red-figure column krater showing Dionysus and his entourage
about 460 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Agrigento Painter
Country: Greece
Stemmed kylix
c. 1300-1250 BC
Country: Greece
"Thistle" brooch
c. 50 AD
Country: France
Faliscan red-figure calyx krater (mixing bowl) with a figures riding a dolphin and a swan
about 350-325 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Fluid Group
Country: Italy
Biface (core or flake)
c. 424,000-374,000 BP
Country: UK
Smoking pipe
1450-1600 AD
Maker: Iroquoian
Country: Canada