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Fragmentary Samian ware bowl
1st quarter of the 2nd century AD
Maker: In the style of objects stamped DRUSUS I
Country: France
Fragmentary hemispherical Samian ware bowl
170-190 AD
Maker: In the style of objects with the stamp of Doeccus
Drachm coin of Hadrian
117-138 AD
Country: Egypt
Solidus coin of Constans II
c. 651-659 AD
Country: Turkey
Sestertius with bust of Clodius Albinus
c. 194-195 AD
Country: Italy
Denarius coin with head of Venus
47-46 BC
Country: France
Sestertius with laureate head of Lucius Verus
December 162-December 163 AD
Country: Italy
Aes grave sextans coin
265-242 BC
Country: Italy
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